pro organo pleno - Features
pro organo pleno


  • interactive image of the original organ console with clickable stops
  • quick switching of groups of stops with a single operation
  • quick orientation within the setting deviceĀ“s content by a map visualizing the combinations
  • Labeling of areas of combinations
  • many functions for editing: delete/paste/move/copy/cut
  • many functions for automatic search and replacement of registrations and stops
  • Archiving and sharing of registrations through saving combinations into files via Drag&Drop
  • Providing registrations in human-readable text, configurable
  • Printing of registrations and piece lists
  • Transfer registrations into other applications (text-editing or mail-software e.g.) via the system clipboard
  • Save favorite registrations in the menu
  • Align pieces automatically
  • Edit and test crescendo and fix combinations
  • display all used reeds to know, what have to be tuned.
  • Transform insert combinations into standard combinations and back.
  • Compatible to OrgelWIN
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