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Use your mobile device (smartphone, tablet etc.) to easily create a recording light, that informs others about an ongoing recording. Intended especially for onsite/mobile-recording situations that require a quick setup.

Connect via Wifi several mobile devices to ensure that everymusician/actor/technician involved can see the status.

It listens to incoming Midi signals: connect it to Midi enabled DAWs like Logic Pro, to automatically switch on/off along with the record button.


How does it work?

  • Your Laptop needs to be connected to a Wifi.
  • Make sure your mobile device (smartphone, tablet) is connected to the same Wifi.
  • Start the app on your Laptop.
  • It shows a QR-Code. Scan that QR-Code with your mobile device.
  • Your mobile devices shows the recording light, according to the button.
  • A big button allows you to switch the recording light on/off.

  • If your DAW can send midi signals, you can configure the Recording Light app in the settings to recognise these midi signals. This way, the light is automatically switched on/off when recording is started/stopped in the DAW.
Java is required. If your system does not have Java installed, please download it here:

How to connect Logic Pro and the Recording Light App

After that procedure the recording light will light up automatically when you press the record button in Logic Pro.

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